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Welcome to the Baby Space Family!

The Baby Space Community is a safe haven and space for anyone in any stage of growing a family, specifically looking to discuss anything relating to pregnancy and parenthood. We aim to be a fully inclusive, judgment-free and supportive community, with the aim to create a reliable and comfortable network for our users. To achieve this, our Community guidelines shall embody zero tolerance for any form of bullying, discrimination, racism, and any other inappropriate language or behaviour .

We welcome all individuals from all walks of life to come together, ask questions, share experiences and support one another in any way that is helpful to others. From family planning to pregnancy, and from miscarriages to repeated efforts for conception, and the journey of parenthood - our Community provides a space for you to seek and exchange support through discussions or advice or even simply to express yourself. We believe that each and every journey should be treasured and we encourage you to share your experiences with other users using text or photo content, on relevant updates and insights.

We want you to ask real questions, have real conversations and truly express yourself in our Community, without any stigma or limitations. However, we understand that you may have certain concerns or questions that are too intimate or personal to share openly on a public platform, and you may prefer to protect your privacy while asking about or sharing certain private information. With this in mind, we have provided our users with the option to post concerns or questions or share information anonymously in our Community, subject to Community guidelines and other Baby Space policies.

We believe that pregnancy and parenthood are always worth celebrating – no problem is ever too small or big to ask for help with, and each journey is unique. We are thrilled to have you join the Baby Space family for your parenthood journey – we’re always right by your side!

Safety First!

Please remember content by verified Expert accounts are authored by Baby Space’s in-house experts or by experts forming part of our Expert Board. All other content posted in our Community is posted by registered Baby Space users. Baby Space does not monitor or verify the information posted by its members and we are not responsible for any information originating from user-generated content. An exception is made when a specific post or user is reported for inappropriate behaviour (kindly refer to our Terms of Use for further details), which would result in Baby Space taking appropriate and necessary action. We rely on you to bring forward any Community violations or a post that offends you, or may offend another user, to our notice. This can be done by simply reporting the post or writing to us.

Any information or content posted by Baby Space’s users in the Community, including any information, advice or opinion related to health and/or medical matters, shall be the responsibility of members who create such posts. Baby Space does not verify or monitor any user-generated content or information posted on the Community. We strongly urge you to speak to your doctor or healthcare provider before accepting any information or user-generated content as true medical advice or before applying any information from the Community to your personal life.

The Rules!

Each one of us is different in our own special way. We come from different places, have different beliefs and varying opinions and points of view. Baby Space celebrates individuals and their differences – being different is welcome and encouraged. However, we believe that given our differences, it is far more important to remember to remain harmonious. With respect to your interactions on our Website, most importantly including on our Community, you are required to adhere to some simple rules. The following rules are set out so that we can ensure that all our users feel safe and free to express themselves and provide support to other users, peacefully and respectfully.

Rule 1: You must be over the age of 18 years to use Baby Space, including participating on the Baby Space Community.

Rule 2: Personal attacks or offensive comments are not acceptable and will be unwelcome.

Rule 3: Intimidation, bullying and harassment (in any form) will not be tolerated.

Rule 4: Hate-speech or propaganda of any kind, in any language, shall not be permitted.

Rule 5: Any form of illegal activity and conversation regarding illegal activity is not permitted on the Baby Space platform.

Rule 6: Any form or type of deliberate instigation or disruption on the Baby Space Community will not be permitted.

Rule 7: Use of any explicit or abusive language on the Website is not permitted.

Rule 8: Please do not specifically target a specific person, establishment, service or brand. We reserve the right to remove posts that are in breach of the Community Handbook, Terms of Use, Privacy Policy and any other Baby Space Policies in effect at the time, or any posts that we consider offensive or that target/promote the business interests of any organization, brand, service, institution or medical practitioner.

Rule 9: The Baby Space Community is a public platform, with a public audience. Please do not solicit or reveal any personal information or private content (belonging to you or anyone else) on our public platform, that would result in wrongful gain or loss to any individual.

Rule 10: No soliciting or spam will be allowed on the Website. Please refrain from posting advertisements, junk mail, promotions, chain letters, SPAM, any schemes or any other form of solicitation.

Rule 11: Sale and/or purchase of any goods or services by Baby Space users will not be permitted in the Baby Space Community. Please refrain from using the Community to solicit any goods, services, money or to advertise or sell products or services.

Rule 12: Please do not solicit Baby Space’s user network for interviews or participants for any studies or campaigns, through the Website or otherwise.

Rule 13: Solicitation for adoption of a child or an adoptive family, any activities related to surrogacy, in-vitro fertilisation processes or such related practices is not permitted on the Baby Space Website or through any services offered to you by Baby Space.

Rule 14: Posts that are promoting specific Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp or other social media groups will be automatically deleted by Baby Space.


Please remember that what you read or come across on the Baby Space Community are opinions and stories of other users and experts. While you may find certain content or information generated by users or experts is helpful and trustworthy, we strongly urge you to consult your doctor, paediatrician or healthcare provider before applying any advice or information to your life in whatever capacity. Baby Space is not responsible for the accuracy, validity or verification of any content or information of user-generated or expert-generated posts and Baby Space shall not be liable for any loss or damage that may result from reliance on any content or information made available on the Community, and application of any such advice (medical or otherwise) shall be at your sole risk.

Please Note!

Our Community Handbook, Privacy Policy, Terms of Use, Baby Space Policies and all our disclaimers (“Baby Space Documents”) govern your entire engagement and participation on our Website.

Baby Space reserves the right to ban and block any user at any time for any reason, with or without warning. We shall have no obligation to delete any content or block a user that you may report or find personally offensive. We have the right to modify or change these Community rules with or without notice at any point in time.

By entering our Website, you agree to abide by and accept the Baby Space Documents in place at the time, and therefore submit to their interpretation and enforcement by our team. The Baby Space team will enforce our community rules and guidelines and ensure implementation of the same as best as can reasonably be expected.

Any violation of the Baby Space Documents, may result in limitations or restrictions placed on your account, at our sole discretion. Consequences for such violations may include being banned or blocked from engaging and participating in any or all sections of the Website and/or having content generated by you removed from the Website.

Copy Rights!

Kindly refrain from posting anything that is not yours or which you do not have the right to publish. Please do not post anything that violates any copyright, or other proprietary rights, in any of your posts on the Community or anywhere on the Website. This includes posting excerpts from published articles, books, magazines, blogs, literature and poetry – without the author’s permission, or without giving the author due credit. Please also see our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy for further details on how we handle matters pertaining to copyrights.

Baby Space reserves the right to delete any posts that contain such copyright or proprietary violations. It shall be your responsibility to check the copyright status of any content, information or material before you post or share the same on our Community. Baby Space shall not be responsible for any claims or copyright violations made by you.


No. At your option, your identity is completely secure and your privacy shall remain protected. You may choose to post anonymously – if you do, your identity shall remain anonymous to all other Baby Space users.

Once a member is reported, the Baby Space team shall be notified immediately. If our team finds that the reported member/post is in breach of Baby Space Documents, or for any other reason if Baby Space finds such member/post to be inappropriate, Baby Space may limit the functionality of the reported user as deemed appropriate. This may result in restrictions on the reported user such as limitation of participation on the Baby Space website, or termination of such Baby Space registration/account.

If you are unable to log in to your account, you can reset your password by clicking the ‘Forgot my Password’ tab. If you are still facing login issues, please contact us at and a member of our team will assist you at the earliest.
No. Our Baby Space in-house experts will reply to questions in the Community, as and when required. Experts (forming part of the Baby Space Expert Board) will respond at their sole discretion, through their verified Expert accounts. The Baby Space Community is set up for Baby Space users to interact with each other and offer one another advice and support.

Our team is always happy to help! For all other concerns or inquiries please email us on