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Working Parents

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Part Time Career Options for a Mom

A list of the best part time career options for a mom. Find jobs with flexible hours, good pay, and opportunities for creative and professional fulfillment!

Between taking care of the kids and home, a mother’s work truly is never done! However, for many modern moms, getting a job can be an added source of fulfilment. You’ll be happy to know that there are plenty of part time career options for a mom that you can opt for, while ensuring that your work-home balance is taken care of!

Whether you have prior work experience in a particular field or have never worked before, or whether you have a college diploma or not, there is something for you.


Part Time Jobs for Moms

For moms with school-age kids, a good part of the day is left relatively free - the perfect time to get out and interact with the world! 



Education at different levels is a field with hundreds of opportunities! Depending on your own educational background, you can join a training centre and train anyone from college students to corporate executives. Some training opportunities include English language training, training in foreign or Indian languages, soft skills training, technical training, training for competitive exams - the list is long and lucrative. And the best part is, the hours are flexible and negotiable, with good pay per class or per hour - making it one of the best part time career options for a mom!


Customer Service

Customer Service Representatives are key players in major companies’ success - if you have good people skills, this is the perfect part time job for you. You will mostly work in a call centre or office, and will have to field calls from customers, answer their questions, help to resolve their issues, and encourage them to stick with the company! There are flexible time-slots available with a job like this, making it ideal for a mom.


Part Time Work From Home Jobs

Many moms prefer jobs that allow them to work from home, so that they can stay on top of things on the home-front. Today, there are more options for work from home, than ever before!


Go Freelance

There are plenty of ways to turn your skill-set and background into great freelance projects. As a freelancer, you are your own boss, you get to define your earnings, working hours and everything in between - can you imagine better part time career options for a mom? Work dedicatedly on building a strong portfolio, and soon, you will be able to pick and choose your projects. Some areas where freelancing is a great option include content creation, web development, creative design, architecture, social media management and several others.




Another lucrative freelance gig is consulting. As a consultant, you can offer your services and expertise to any number of organisations and individuals. Some of the most popular consulting jobs include business consulting, brand consulting, legal consulting, strategy consulting and creative consulting - and that’s just the tip of the iceberg!


Home Business

Finally, the 21st century is the age for entrepreneurs, with anyone and everyone able to turn their special skill into a business! Chances are, you have a great home business idea at the back of your mind - so here are a few examples to help you figure it out. From selling homemade food, whether it be biryani, pickle or mithai to selling handmade jewellery and accessories, from tutoring school-kids to teaching yoga, music, dance or art, there are options aplenty!


Online Training


Online training is one of the best part time career options for a mom. There are thousands of companies hiring people to teach learners online. From making video modules, creating reading material to conducting live sessions, there are plenty of things one can do as an online trainer, depending on comfort level and  skills. English training is top of the list of online training options - but there are others like technical training, soft skills training etc.



Transcription is heavily in-demand, which means that there are plenty of opportunities available for you. Transcription involves turning audio or audio-video into text - including writing transcripts live, writing closed captions for videos, creating subtitles for videos, and so on. This job is particularly known for its flexibility, making it perfect for a stay-at-home mom!


Part Time Jobs for a New Mom


New moms have very tight schedules, thanks to their precious babies taking up all their time and attention. But that doesn’t mean there are no part time work options for new moms who want it! As a new mom, you would prefer a job where you don’t need to leave the house, or are not tied to your computer for several hours. If your baby is a year or older, you might even like a job where you can take him or her along! Some options you could explore include: freelance writing and blogging, working at a day-care centre or other child-centric businesses, online transcription, and home tutoring.


So there you have it - if you are a mom looking for part time career opportunities today, there are more options than ever before! Whether you are looking for a way to occupy your time temporarily, or you are looking for some financial independence or want to explore something to take forward long-term, part time jobs are the way to go.


July 13, 2021 |  read

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Balancing Work and Family Life

Finding the right balance in work and family can be challenging. Exploring few ideas like reorganizing your work and having child care support could help you maintain a healthy balance

Trying to get the right balance between work and family life is a gradual process. There are a lot of trial and error methods that you need to experiment before you get the right rhythm. It isn’t impossible but it is surely not easy either! You might be a chef or a teacher on one side and a mother or a father of a beautiful child on the other. Both parties need all your attention and hence, you are alert round the clock.



Let’s explore a few ideas that could help you maintain a healthy work and family life balance. 


Organize and Reorganize

Things move at a quicker pace if you have a few things sorted out from the very beginning. Parents spend time to plan out the week over the weekend. This helps them to be on track with everything that happens in the family and also helps them beat any surprises that come their way. This way you can also plan ahead with respect to your work meetings or find time to finish some extra work.


As parents, you are expected to remember things such as your child’s music lessons, sports practices or any other events are school. To avoid an ‘oops, I forgot moment’, it’s a good practice to maintain a family calendar. Chart a neat calendar with all the upcoming events of the month. This way everybody in the family is on the loop of whatever is happening in the family along with their own work and school schedules.


Pre-Set Your Mornings

Getting your child to the school or school bus on time is one of the biggest challenges in the morning. Some children find it very hard to wake up in the mornings and parents spend half their time shouting from the kitchens or washrooms warning them to get off their beds. This is a very common scenario in most households.


We suggest you think ahead. Yes, plan out breakfast ideas, iron your clothes, uniforms and get a good night rest the previous day to get a fresh start in the morning. These are some of the things that you can arrange to reduce the chaotic routine before you get everybody up and ready for the day. You will find yourself prepping breakfast, packing lunch, getting everybody ready well within your desired time. A good start in the morning is very important to feel confident for the rest of the day.


Child Care Support

Children need your 100% attention at all times. It would be quite a challenge to be at two places at once. Be open to look out for good childcare facilities or helpers to take care or babysit your child when you are at work, if you can. 


Enquire with your friends and family to learn about places and people they trust and would love to refer to you. They will help to connect with people that have been maintaining a healthy and trusting relationship with families and children. Look out for their excellent experience and adapt it for children of all ages. A good childcare provider should hold such qualities and have a record to prove the same. These facilities and people should be trust-worthy and friendly with your children. Do good research through friends and family before you choose your child care providers because you need to be comfortable to leave your child in their protection while you are at work.


Talk to Your Boss

Now once you are back at work, the atmosphere is very different. You probably will have other things to worry about and many things to get done before the end of the day. You would want to stay focused on what happens at work, at work and keep the things at home, at home.


Before you start worrying about these things, have a sit-down chat with your manager or your HR. Let them know that you would like to handle both your career and your family life together. Be very clear and precise with what you are looking for and expecting in the future. We suggest that you write down a few pointers to make a good presentation. Ask important questions and don’t be shy to ask the right questions.


Work, Work and Work

While you are working, learn to practice to focus on things at the present moment. Stay away from distractions like long lunch breaks and unnecessary distractions. This will help you finish your work on time and head home to be with your family as soon as possible.


It will also help you to complete your project for the company with the best of your ability. Doing a good job at work will not only make your boss happy, but also leave you feeling accomplished. This will put you in a good mood to go home. This way, you would also avoid carrying pending work back home.


Put Family and Self Ahead

Take some time off to spend some quality time with yourself, your partner and your family. Whenever there is a holiday, try to switch-off from work and engage in fun family activities like dinner dates, picnics or short family trips. These are moments that create memories for a lifetime. You will build a healthy relationship with yourself and your family which will help you to grow in any other walks of life.


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