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Welcome to baby space!

We’re here to guide you through your journey towards an informed, healthy and happy life with your loved ones.

Baby Space is your knowledge and guidance ecosystem for planning, pregnancy, babies and parenthood. You can access valid information and exchange advice for all your baby needs.

We hope to help parents at all stages feel well informed and supported, while having fun along the way!

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Explore our expert approved articles on all things family planning, pregnancy, baby, parenthood and lifestyle. Find all the information you need – at your fingertips.

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Join in on Community discussions; from pregnancy struggles to baby shower planning, from your baby’s firsts to parental support, you are never alone. Seek community advice and exchange information.You can interact anonymously too!

Our Mission

Family planning, pregnancy, babies and parenthood can all seem a bit daunting!

Our mission at baby space is to educate and support you through it all in an honest, objective and inclusive manner. We’re here to inform, guide and inspire you - helping you make fully informed decisions for yourself and your loved ones.

We eliminate the shades of grey, and provide you with honest, valid and upto-date expert reviewed information. We encourage you to seek out information and advice, reach out to the Baby Space community for support.

Our aim is to assist you in making educated decisions for yourself and your loved ones - on your magical journey to awareness and wellness.

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