Hello, my 3 month old son has severe gas problems. How do I make him comfortable?

Baby Space Expert January 07, 2021 0  

Hi there. You can make your baby comfrotable by burping him twice. You can control the amount of air he swallows whle feeding and also give him gentle massages or rubs to relieve gas. You can also check your own diet to see if anything you are eating is making him gassy.

Neha January 13, 2021 0  

How do I control the amount of air he swallows?

yuthika April 15, 2021 0  

Hey, You can try doing these things-
-Sealed lips. it is the easiest way to try to prevent gas in babies is to minimize the amount of air they're swallowing.
-Burp the baby. Burp your baby both during and after feeding.