I have PCOD and willing to reduce weight in order to conceive, please guide me.

Baby Space Expert March 22, 2021 0  

Hi Chandni, 
When it comes to PCOS/D, lifestyle changes are the most effective. Making sure you're on a healthy diet and exercise plan will be helpful when you want to conceive. 

Managing Weight:
Many women deal with weight gain when diagnosed with PCOS. It affects how the woman’s body reacts to insulin. However, with even a small 5% of weight loss, one can improve their menstrual cycles, insulin resistance, fertility, hormone levels, and the general quality of life for women with PCOS. 

Maintaining Your Diet:
In order to manage weight, maintaining one’s diet becomes a primary way. A balanced diet may help in weight loss.

Some of the tips are :
Protein in-take
Include more greens
Switching to healthy fats
Limit sugary products and sugar
Reducing in- take of carbs
Consumption of lots of fiber
Avoid overeating or undereating

Regular Exercise:
A combination of taking a healthier diet with brisk walking regularly may improve the regularity of one’s menstrual cycles by 50%. Weight training exercises and cardio can severely help in improving insulin sensitivity and dropping body fat. 

Here is the link to our article on mainting a healthy diet and weight when trying to conceive: