I have PCOS. Is homoeopathy treatment actually effective for its treatment?

Baby Space Expert April 26, 2021 0  

Hey there! A study shows that 83 per cent of women have seen great improvement in their condition using homoeopathy as a method of treatment for PCOS and its complexities.
Since most medical research shows the underlying problem related to PCOS is the presence of hormonal imbalance, homoeopathy also leans towards correcting this imbalance in the system. This medical journey on the other hand also has fewer side effects. Homoeopathy uses very few surgical and other invasive methods to do the treatment. A lot of positive effects are seen through this method like regular periods, increased chances of pregnancy and preventing PCOS recurrenc

Anonymous April 26, 2021 0  

Hey! You can refer to this article that I found - https://babyspace.in/article/pregnancy/do-homeopathic-medicines-have-a-pcos-cure-