What are the benefits and side effects of taking Birth Control? Does it impact fertility?

Baby Space Expert January 20, 2021 0  

Hello there! The oral contraceptive pill is a hormonal method of preventing pregnancy. Some common side effects of are spotting between periods, Nausea, Headaches and migraine, Weight gain, Mood changes, Vaginal discharge, Birth control pills contain hormones that affect the body in many ways. Therefore, side effects are common, and they vary from person to person. However, Other Benefits of taking birth control pills may reduce your risk of heavy bleeding, irregular periods, painful periods, and menstrual cramps, ectopic pregnancy—a pregnancy that occurs outside the uterus, particularly in the fallopian tubes, Iron-deficiency anemia, Acne, Unwanted hair growth, Pelvic pain due to endometriosis, Pelvic inflammatory disease.

akansha January 28, 2021 0  

Oh wow, this is a very detailed explanation. Thank you baby space. I can now consider what to do

Anonymous January 28, 2021 0  

I am on birth control pills from 3 years and only problem i face is iregular periods