what are the type of contraception one can use as a working woman so it wont affect my menstrual cycle too much?

Baby Space Expert April 08, 2021 0  

Hey there! Technically the only contraceptives that can affect your menstrual cycle are birth control pills and contraceptive injections. They may affect you and cause drastic side effects if not monitored or prescribed. But don't you worry. There are numerous other options available. Some of them are Intrauterine Device, Diaphragm and Female Condom. To know more, you can refer to this article https://babyspace.in/article/parenting-lifestyle/contraceptives-birth-control-methods-you-should-know-about 

Anonymous April 12, 2021 0  

I had so many articles online, but now that the answer is coming from an expert it sounds believable. Lol! Thanks!

Anonymous April 12, 2021 0  

Hahaha! Yes me too! Staying anonymous has its perks ig