What should I be eating when I''m trying to get pregnant??

Baby Space Expert April 26, 2021 0  

Hi there! It's true that healthy eating habits may increase your ovulation process, but that doesn't mean you have to drastically change your diet overnight. Apart from reducing the intake of junk food, there aren't any drastic changes required to change. Firstly, add lots of frest fruits to your diet, the ones with vitamins will be a great addition. Stay away from unsaturated fats as it can affect your ovulation. Try going low on artificial sweeteners and go for more natural alternative like honey, maple syrup. Adding protein to your diet is a must as it reduces the risk of ovulation related problems. Make sure your daily intake is balanced and does not have too much of any component as too much of anything can be bad. Foods to absolutely avoid -
- Raw or undercooked fish and meat
- Soy
- Unpasteurised dairy
- Swordfish and shark
- Tobacco products