It is getting difficult for me to manage both kids. Any suggestions?

Baby Space Expert January 06, 2021 0  

Hello! Balancing work life and parenting can be challening. Start by looking for options to help take care of your children. Maybe the grandparents or close relatives or friends can look after your children for a few hours each day while you finish other chores and activities. Hiring part time help if possible would also help. Discuss with your husband if he would be able to work from home a few days a week. Talk to other mothers who are in similar situtations as you for tips and advice.

akanka January 13, 2021 0  

Yes, I have my parents to help me. But since they are old, I dont want to burden them. How shall I find nannies?

Anonymous April 15, 2021 0  

I had asked my maid about nannies and she got me a few contacts. I had interviewed a lot many nannies and then selected one. Now she stays with us and has been taking care of my kids since 3 years now.