i am noticing some spotting after a positive pregnancy test 2 weeks ago. Is it possible that I had a miscarriage?

Baby Space Expert January 07, 2021 0  

Hello! It is completely normal to notice some bleeding/spotting during the first trimester in your pregnancy. It doesn''t necessarily have to be a symptom of miscarriage. It might be implantation bleeding. However, consult your gynecologist immediately to be safe. Incase of heavy bleeding, you must go to your nearest hospital immediately.

zuali January 13, 2021 0  

I was scared to see the bleeding and was worried. But like your suggestion, i contacted my doctor. she said it is implantation bleeding only. my pregnancy is healthy now'

catherine January 21, 2021 0  

Implantation bleeding is common. I have seen a lot of women getting scared or confused from it

Anonymous January 21, 2021 0  

I had a similar experience when i was pregnant with my daughter. later found out it is common in the first trimester