It is getting really difficult for me to hydrate myself as almost the smell of anything makes me nauseous. Any solutions?

Baby Space Expert January 19, 2021 0  

Hello there! It's important to call the doctor right away if you have symptoms of nausea that persist throughout the day, making it impossible to eat or drink. Stay hydrated by sucking on ice chips or frozen fruit pops. Try drinking sips of water, drinking water that is too cold or too hot can increase the risk of stomach pains that can lead to that familiar nauseated feeling, make sure you drink water in the right temperature

anna January 21, 2021 0  

These tips helped me a lot during those two weeks, thanks. I am feeling much better now

Anonymous January 21, 2021 0  

I used to drink warm water with a few drops of lemon when i began my morning to avoid nausea and vomiting when i was pregnant with my son