Will hyperthyroidism affect my chances of conception?

Baby Space Expert January 19, 2021 0  

Undiagnosed thyroid dysfunction can make it difficult to conceive. It can also cause problems during pregnancy. Once the hyperthyroidism is under control, however, there is no reason why you should not have a successful pregnancy and a healthy baby. Consult your gynecologist and start planning ahead.

mira January 21, 2021 0  

Ok, thank you, I will do that

Anonymous January 21, 2021 0  

From what i know, both hypo and hyper thyroidism makes it difficult to conceive, but with proper treatment and planning, we can have babies

shryl January 21, 2021 0  

Hello Mira, I also have hyper thyrodisim. But my gynacologist and thyroid doctor worked together and now i have a healthy 3 year old girl. SO you dont worry

catherine January 21, 2021 0  

I have hyper thyroid too. I have the same worries. This replies have given me hope now